Community Sport: 2020 The Season that Wasn't with Will McGregor

Nov 17, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 AM

Sport plays a critical role in the Australian psyche. More than 20,000 people participate in football and netball every winter weekend across the Geelong Region. These clubs are the lifeblood of community, contributing to the physical and mental wellbeing of players and supporters. In 2020 there were no games. Will and his team are charged with shaping a response that will touch many of us.

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About this event

In 2019 local football and netball were flourishing. Participation in Women's football had grown at an amazing rate. Junior and senior participation were at outstanding levels. The 2020 season promised a continued surge in participation............and then it was cancelled. 

Research shows that community football and netball in Australia has a 10:1 reach. That means for every participant, there are another 10 people who benefit

It also shows that every $1 invested in local football generates $440 in social value, improving employment outcomes, mental wellbeing and personal development.

They are big numbers, but what happens when all senior and junior football / netball gets cancelled because of Covid-19? and perhaps more importantly, how do we recover?

Will McGregor had a successful playing career. His passion for the game led him to a career managing the game that has included a stint at AFL HQ, and saw him appointed to the Region General Manager role in 2018.  

At this unique Culture First event we hear from Will about:

- The season that wasn't

- Challenges he faced during the year

- Key decisions he has had to make as a business leader

- Disappointments & Surprises

- Lessons learned

- The role of Culture

- How he is planning for what comes next

During the event there will be a number of breakouts to discuss some of these questions and implications for those attending. 

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  • Will McGregor

    AFL Barwon

    Region General Manager


  • Greg Collier

    Innovation Progression



  • Greg Collier

    Innovation Progression

    Chapter Lead

  • Pip Jankowskii

    PIP Consulting

    Chapter Lead

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