Why Culture? Why Community? A Gathering of People Passionate About Improving the Workplace

Hamilton, Ontario
Thu, Feb 17, 2022, 3:00 PM (EST)

This inaugural virtual meeting of the Hamilton Chapter will include a conversation on workplace culture and community and feature interactive discussions that will inform themes for future meetings

About this event

You might be an expert in workplace culture or maybe you are culture-curious. You could be a senior leader or early in your career. You might be in HR and with the task of “changing the culture” and aren’t sure where to start. Or you know where to start but recognize the value of being part of a community aimed at improving the workplace.

And that’s the beauty of community – it finds a way of making everyone welcome, make everyone feel they belong. If you recognize you have more to learn than you already know, if you believe deep in your soul that how we work matters and there must be a better way, if you understand that communities are as much about what you contribute as what you carry away, then you’ll thrive in the dialogue we plan to create around culture.