Uncovering the Narrative and Beliefs That Hold You and Your Culture Back


Aug 22, 1:00 – 2:00 AM

In this exciting Melb & Syd Chapters Collab, we are joined by Zech Dahms to guide us through an interactive session uncovering the limiting beliefs that may be holding us back as individuals, how this influences the way in which we show up and lead cultures and understanding what limiting beliefs may be holding our cultures back.

About this event

What are the cultural narratives that shape your views and where did they come from?

How does this narrative affect how you and your people behave, operate, and communicate with each other?

The stories and narratives that we tell ourselves have power over how our organisations operate.

We unconsciously do things a certain way simply because, at some point in our lives, someone or some experience made us think it is the only way to do it – even when these narratives are negative! These narratives are what hold you and your culture back from changing and evolving. They are the boundaries that keep us and our organisations from expanding into the next stage of growth. They are the stories our people tell themselves over and over that keep us collectively from reaching our full potential.

The key thing is to uncover these unspoken assumptions and beliefs so you can start to energize and define a more positive set of assumptions going forward.

Join us for this interactive session where we go through an exercise to uncover what your personal limiting beliefs are and participate in a process to unlearn them. This is the first step into the future that you envision.

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  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Co-Founder & Culture Architect


  • Jac Peters

    People Possibilties

  • Michelle Eagles

    Creating Conscious Leaders

  • Dean Williamson

    Human Systems Co

  • Teresa Lilly

    Culture Pilot Co


  • Michael Ellis

    Conscious Culture Collective

    Chapter Lead

  • Alana Bennett

    Connected Experience

    Chapter Lead

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