Adaptive Leadership training - for People, HR professionals (coming in Jul)

July 24, 2023, 4:00 PM UTC – July 27, 2023, 1:27 AM UTC

Leadership starts with yourself. Join us for a virtual training session targeted towards People/ HR professionals on how to cultivate adaptive leadership - a key skillset needed as influence leaders.

About this event

Join us for virtual session for a learning session on Adaptive Leadership by a professional coach and trainer for the HR population.

What is adaptive leadership?

An adaptive challenge is a problem, issue or opportunity that demands a response outside your current repertoire – you don’t have the information you need or a checklist you can follow to make the problem go away. Your usual tools won’t work and your expertise is not enough. Addressing an adaptive challenge requires motivating people to change by engaging and challenging both their hearts and their minds. Adaptive leadership is the behaviour to navigate these situations. 

Speaker/ trainer:

We have an experienced trainer coming to share his knowledge on this topic. (Info coming soon)

Date: End July - save the date! RSVP for interest.

This will be a proper training session, so we do expect full attention and commitment!

Everyone is welcome! Note this session is created for the target audience of HR members with 8 years or more, with familiarity with foundational HR frameworks and practical real life organisation and people management experience. If popular, we will conduct anotehr round for business leaders :)

Coming soon for more details. 

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