Emerald Mills

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About Me

Emerald Mills is the founder of Diverse Dining, graduate of the University of Wisconsin, a trainee of the National Coalition Building Institute and a holder of ToP Facilitator Certification. She has leveraged her experience and these educational qualifications to benefit her community members, such as by producing and presenting educative presentations and workshops on a range of issues, advising health providers with respect to the diagnosis and administering programs geared towards social change. Collectively, her works have been acknowledged locally and regionally for their innovation in the equity, education and public health sectors. Diverse Dining, is an events/education organization that curates training programs and unique cultural dining experiences that dissect biases and develop diversity & inclusion solutions that impact change. As a philanthropic initiative, Diverse Dining has been prominently featured on Dear MKE, On Milwaukee, Spectrum 1, Fox 6, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, VISIT Milwaukee, podcasts and other mediums.