Paula Rauenbuehler

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About Me

What I know for sure is that we never stop growing or developing. And organizations that truly embraced this had the best cultures. In my career as an HR Director, I had the opportunity to live in seven cities and two countries and eight companies. No matter where I was, culture was the key factor of success or mediocrity. Some leaders embraced it. Some leaders tolerated it. Some fought it. And, the organization thrived or suffered for it. The more I embraced this idea of culture, the more I realized the impact I had on it and how I could broaden and deepen my influence. This awareness lured me to invest in myself through educational and experiential opportunities. I now work with organizations-leaders and teams-to explore and refine their culture-in definition and in practice-to build teams that play to win, not just not lose. To say working with culture and emotional intelligence is a game changer is to state the obvious.