Igniting Change: Reconnecting Nonprofit Culture Champions

APAC Not for Profits

Aug 23, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 AM

Join us for a transformative event as we reignite this chapter, bringing together people and culture leaders in the nonprofit and philanthropy industry to share best practices and ideas for creating a better world of work, while rekindling connections and support for each other.

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About this event

Join us for the re-activation of the APAC Not for Profit Culture First Chapter, a dynamic community dedicated to empowering people and culture leaders in the nonprofit and philanthropy industry. We do so much to take care of others in this industry and this time is set out for taking care of ourselves. We are excited to gather together once again as peers to ignite the spirit of positive change and create a better world of work for all.

About this Event:

This is an opportunity for like-minded professionals, change-makers, and visionaries in this industry to reunite, re-connect, and reignite the flames of inspiration. With a focus on supporting people culture leaders, this event aims to foster an environment of learning, collaboration, and innovation.

Wondering what to expect at the event? We'd love to see your friendly face, so keep that camera ON! Don't be shy, introduce yourself and let's get to know each other better. 😊 And here's a fun challenge: share at least one HR best practice or initiative you're working on - bonus points if it's something related to inclusion! Let's learn from each other and grow together.

Who Should Attend:

This event is designed for people culture leaders, HR professionals, nonprofit executives, philanthropists, and anyone passionate about promoting positive workplace cultures within the nonprofit and philanthropy industry. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey, your unique perspective and contributions are invaluable to our shared mission.

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  • Jessie Jacob

    Culture Amp

    Community Manager


  • Chareen Raja

    Chapter Lead

  • Jessie Jacob

    Chapter Lead

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