Follow-up Session for Fuckless - The Book Club! πŸ“š πŸ€“

Book Club
Wed, Nov 2, 3:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Whether you attended or not, we're having a follow up session from the Culture First Book Club for Fuckless - A Guide to Wild, Unencumbered Freedom written by Gianna Biscontini. Let's reconnect and discuss how you applied the book principles to liberate yourself from the ten archaic, stifling expectations (a.k.a. Fucks).

In this book, Gianna guides women through the process of liberating themselves from the ten archaic, stifling expectations "fucks" society has placed on them for over a century, so they can finally live life on their own terms. Through humor, storytelling, and a healthy dash of behavioral science, you’ll learn step by step how to leave it all behind, dropping the beliefs that no longer fit, and creating a new narrative about what it means to be femaleβ€”and what, exactly, life looks like from here.

This follow-up session will be just an hour total. And it will not be recorded. 

If you missed the first session, here is the link to view the deck we covered along with exercises we did together and a link to the recorded Q&A with Gianna. 

To purchase the book, below are the the links to do so:




β€œA Fuckless female is gloriously unaffected; her self-worth and identity no longer depend on those around her. She is a free, wild being not only capable of running her own life, but owning it so hard that she one day realizes she’s changed her entire world.” 


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