Breathe instead of Burnout


Oct 25, 2022, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Learn how to identify your stress triggers and through breathing move from reacting to responding.

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About this event

We all want to work in environments which are calm, kind and inclusive.  Often times the demands of the day to day can overwhelm us, overloading our taxed nervous systems, causing us to react (do and say things we later regret) rather than respond (hit pause before we  respond).  

This session will provide an introduction to the power of your own breath, breathing and your brain and simple effective ways to identify your individual triggers and of course learn how to respond not react.  Reduce stress helps us to not burnout.

This is an interactive online workshop providing you with an essential life skill to reduce burnout.  It's also kind of fun.

Warning:  you may fall asleep! not because its boring but because you will be very very relaxed. 

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  • Sonja Montague MacKay

    The More Human Company



  • Sonja Montague MacKay

    The More Human Co


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