Thriving in Life and at Work through Menopause


Jun 24, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Let's unravel some of the mystery and thrive in life and work as we traverse menopause. In conversation with Dr Catherine Smith, we will dive deep and unravel some of the mystery.

About this event

Menopause creeps up, little signs which are easily missed until one day you realise...oh this may be menopause!!  That is absolutely what happened to me and many others.   The change in hormones is often life changing and do we really know what is happening or how to ask for support?  The national consciousness of menopause is being raised but often we don't get the support from the medical profession we would like or know how to approach the topic with colleagues.   

Let's unravel some of the mystery during the fireside chat format event with Dr Catherine Smith a GP and Menopause specialist. 

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