Innovating Your DEI Program with Nontraditional ERGs

ERG Leadership Exchange

Apr 17, 7:30 – 8:30 PM

Uncover the untapped potential of ERGs in driving forward-thinking changes and supporting niche groups within your organization.

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About this event

"Innovating Your DEI Program with Nontraditional ERGs" a virtual event that shines a spotlight on the impactful role of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) beyond conventional boundaries. Hosted by the Culture First community, this session invites ERG leaders and people & culture enthusiasts to explore the depths of nontraditional ERGs at Culture Amp, pioneering change and fostering inclusivity in unique and powerful ways.

Featured ERGs:

  • Camp ID: Advocates for employees living with visible and invisible disabilities, showcasing the importance of understanding and support in unlocking the full potential of every individual.
  • Camp Carebears: Highlights the experiences of caretakers in the workforce, promoting practices that support balancing professional growth with personal caregiving responsibilities.
  • Camp Climate Crisis: Champions environmental sustainability within the corporate realm, inspiring actions that contribute to a healthier planet and a more responsible company culture.

Why This Event?

Broaden Your ERG Vision: Uncover the untapped potential of ERGs in driving forward-thinking changes and supporting niche groups within your organization.

Learn from the Frontlines: Hear directly from the visionaries behind Camp ID, Camp Carebears, and Camp Climate Crisis about the challenges, triumphs, and profound impacts of running nontraditional ERGs.

Toolkit for Innovation: Equip yourself with actionable insights and strategies to either kick-start or expand your organization's ERG initiatives in new, inclusive directions.

Dialogue and Discovery: The interactive Q&A segment offers a platform for attendees to engage with ERG leaders, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and experiences that can inspire similar transformations in various workplace environments.

This event is a beacon for those in the people and culture industry seeking to enhance their organization's ERG strategy by integrating innovative and inclusive approaches. It offers fresh perspectives on supporting diverse employee groups, addressing contemporary challenges, and promoting a culture of inclusivity and understanding. By attending, you will not only gain insights into the creation and management of nontraditional ERGs but also learn how these initiatives can positively influence workplace culture, employee engagement, and organizational values. It's an invaluable opportunity for anyone looking to drive meaningful change and foster a more inclusive, supportive, and dynamic workplace environment.

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  • Peter Cyran

    Culture Amp

    Account Executive

  • Erica Pachman

    Culture Amp

    Senior People Scientist

  • Carmen Wong

    Culture Amp

    Customer Success Coach


  • Jerome Wilhort

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

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