(Virtual) Super Secret: Connecting Across Distance and Difference


Oct 12, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Passionate about company culture, team building, DEI, or human connection? Make Believe Works and Culture First Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and Madison chapters are joining forces and excited to invite you to this one-hour “Super Secret” interactive event.

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About this event

Participants will walk away with the refueled emotional skills to frame the world through a more inclusive lens. On a personal level, this workshop will deliver a quick dose of meaningful connections and guidelines on how to help others get vulnerable without feeling threatened. In a professional setting, this can help HR, managers, team leads, senior leaders, and culture and DEI professionals build the sort of trust, collaboration, and psychological safety that makes for strong, innovative teams.

What to Expect

Personal and professional happiness are both fueled by meaningful connections with other people. In our increasingly isolated and polarized world, Make Believe Works is designing new ways to connect people in a purposeful way. This joyful and engaging workshop cultivates a culture of empathy and community by building meaningful bridges between people in a fun, unexpected way. The heart of our workshop is “Super Secret,” a playful yet powerful twist on the pen-pal relationship, designed to sidestep some of the subtle biases we all bring to our workplaces and communities and build a new relationship founded on character rather than characteristics. The interactive activity is anchored in psychological research and human-centered design and we will share some of the nuances that make all the difference between exchanging information and building connection. Please come prepared to participate!

About Make Believe Works

Make Believe Works is a company dedicated to building emotional wellness in the workplace through creativity, community, and play. Individually, the sessions are designed to inspire introspection, build bonds between colleagues, and refuel creative confidence. But taken as a whole, Make Believe Works has an even deeper resonance. It helps build the emotional muscles to deal with uncertainty, push back on uniformity, and navigate unexpected change.

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