A Community Brain Trust - Supporting Culture Champions

Kansas City

Jan 27, 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 PM

Whether you are a formal people leader or someone that is passionate about culture within your organization, you'll want to be at this virtual event. Improving our workplaces requires us supporting one another and that's what we intend to do during this session.

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About this event

We have created quite the knowledgeable and supportive community in Kansas City. Whether you have joined us before or not, this is a group of incredibly thoughtful, innovative and thoughtful people leaders/culture campions. We are dedicated to improving the places we work and that means we know we can't do it alone. This event is specifically focused on supporting one another with our challenges/problems at work. Come open, willing to share and ask questions.

In this session we will:

-Brain Trust - we will facilitate a wise group session where community members will share their workplace culture challenges and the group will mindfully listen, challenge you and offer perspective/alternative ways to approach your challenges.

-Improv Game(s) - we will share a fun and interactive improvisational comedy game to show how the power of play can increase our oxytocin and can help us improve the way we work

-Intention Setting - we will reflect on our intentions and specifically our workplace related intentions for this coming year when it c

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  • Beth Jacobson


    Chapter Lead

  • Lindsey Taylor

    Chapter Lead

  • Steven Patterson


    Chapter Lead

  • Rachel Keck


    Managing Director, Culture Development

  • Ken Bramble

    HUB International

    Benefits Consultant at HUB International

  • Gail Spangler


    Chief Mindfulness Officer

  • Jared Coates

    Human Interest

    Strategic Business Consultant

  • Jessie Jacob

    Senior Community Manager, Culture Amp

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