A Community Conversation on Resilience

Kansas City
Wed, May 27, 2020, 4:00 PM (CDT)

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About this event

We are collectively called to be resilient, especially now as we encounter more change in the coming months and years.

Resilience feels like overcoming an obstacle, but what are the human elements and how do we cultivate environments and processes that encourage resilience?  

As a community, let's dig in

- to our own awareness when it comes to how we recover from challenges

- to what we are choosing for ourselves and how we're communicating that

- to what choices we're giving others

- and to ways we can keep open to different perspectives and recovery processes.


  • Jessie Jacob

    Jessie Jacob

    Partnerships, Talent & Culture

    Chapter Lead

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  • Rachel Keck

    Rachel Keck


    Managing Director, Culture Development

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  • Ken Bramble

    Ken Bramble

    HUB International

    Benefits Consultant at HUB International

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  • Gail Spangler

    Gail Spangler


    Chief Mindfulness Officer

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  • Jennifer Sheffield

    Jennifer Sheffield

    Operations & Growth at Spotlight Analyst Relations

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  • Jared Coates

    Jared Coates


    Business Development Manager at TruPay

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  • Jessie Jacob

    Jessie Jacob

    Chapter Lead

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