Let's Talk Privilege

Thu, Mar 25, 9:30 PM (UTC)

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About this event

How can we use technology to help create empathy in the workplace?

Join us for an event that provides an unforgettable virtual experience to help increase our self-awareness while gaining an understanding of others. Participants will:

--> Increase understanding of privilege and marginalization

--> Reflect on your own identify and lived experiences of others

--> Develop a deeper sense of empathy

--> Learn how to be a better ally for others

--> Gain clarity on how increased awareness can facilitate behavior and culture change

--> Understand how a tool like Translator can support efforts through memorable experiences and data-driven ways to measure, sustain and scale Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) efforts in your community or organization

During this 90-minute session you will experience a digitized and totally anonymous version of the Walk of Privilege exercise which is designed to help you develop a deeper sense of empathy by reflecting on your own identity and the lived experiences of others through the lens of privilege and marginalization.

This event is perfect for HR professionals, Chief Diversity Officers (or equivalent), in-house DEI practitioners and 3rd party consultants / trainers, ERG leaders, team managers, and business owners.

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Virtual event


  • Natalie Jane Egan (she / hers)

    Translator, Inc.

    CEO & Founder


  • Jessie Jacob (she/her)

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

  • Lindsey Taylor

    Chapter Lead

  • Steven Patterson


    Chapter Lead

  • Rachel Keck


    Managing Director, Culture Development

  • Ken Bramble

    HUB International

    Benefits Consultant at HUB International

  • Gail Spangler

    SIY Global Teacher

    Chief Mindfulness Officer

  • Jennifer Sheffield

    Operations & Growth at Spotlight Analyst Relations

  • Jared Coates


    Strategic Business Consultant