Lead with Love


Oct 8, 2020, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Join us for our second virtual London chapter event where we will explore the importance of leading with love, learn your love language and how this is important in life and work. This interactive session will for sure make you smile.

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About this event

We need more love in the world!!   When we think of love, we generally skip to the romantic kind of love (which is wonderful) but not what we are talking about here.  Leading with love and compassion has been extensively researched and it something we should all want a little more of in our work lives.  Those who feel loved and appreciated are happier, healthier, more productive and create a culture of belonging.

Join us in this second culture first event where using our love languages (there will be a link to take the short survey if you don't know what they are) we will explore how we easily miscommunicate with each other (in work and life) and how by knowing each other (and how love languages)  we can support each other in more meaningful ways.

We will explore some of the research but this session will be highly interactive where after learning your love languages we will work out how you can apply these to create a culture of love, belonging and appreciation. 

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  • Michael Hubbard

    Make Your Habits

    Chapter Lead

  • Natalie Winterton-Whitfield

    Chapter Lead

  • Grishma Dalal

    Chapter Lead

  • Hunter Morgan

    Chapter Lead

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