Pakikipag-Ugnayan: Creating a Culture of Connection at Work


Mar 13, 7:00 – 8:30 AM

How might we break down barriers and build more meaningful connection at work? With the help of Ugnayan Cards, we hope to make you feel more equipped and inspired to connect more with others at work.

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About this event

We are wired for connection.

And yet, in a world that has us always plugged in, it can often feel like we're worlds apart even from people sitting right next to us. So how might we foster a culture of connection in the spaces we live and work? And how might we begin to break down barriers and build bridges to more meaningful connection?

Through this online gathering, we hope you'll walk away with more awareness of tools and practices that can support you in creating more connecting spaces, and inspired to engage in deeper conversations with others at work and wherever you find yourself.

Intended flow

  • 3:00PM-3:15PM - Introductions and opening
  • 3:15PM-3:45PM - Interactive lecturette on creating connection
  • 3:45PM-4:00PM - Ugnayan experience (facilitated conversations using Ugnayan Cards)
  • 4:00PM-4:30PM - Plenary sharing, integration and closing

* A small surprise awaits those who stay 'til the end of the session!

About the facilitator

Jen Horn (@pagbubuo / @jenhorn_) is a facilitator, coach and writer, born and raised in the Philippines. She cultivates connection through spaces for reflection and conversation as one of the co-creators of Ugnayan Cards, as a transformational and human-centered coach, and as chapter lead of Culture First Manila, so that individuals and teams can unblock their own flow. Her curiosities and practice lie in the intersections of culture, creativity, and the wellbeing of the individual, communities and the planet. She shares her learning and the evolution of those ideas through @pagbubuo on Instagram and

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  • Jen Horn

    Learning Facilitator, Coach, Researcher & Writer


  • Jen Horn

    Chapter Lead

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