Wellbeing at Work – what's working, what's not and how might we do it better?


Mar 6, 5:30 – 7:30 AM

In this time of rapid change and increasing uncertainty, how do we create workplaces that prioritise wellbeing? We'll address this and a few other important questions such as, 'what does wellbeing mean, how has it changed over the past few years and what are companies doing to address the needs of people at work today?'

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About this event

It's a challenging time to be a P&C / HR practitioner focussing on the wellbeing of people in your organisation. The world of work has changed dramatically over the past 4 years as have the needs of people at work. The game has changed, the rules are reset and what's required to meet the emerging needs is a new way of thinking and some innovative, creative approaches. In this session we'll hear from a panel of experts and practitioners who are doing just that. 

Pip Lyons is a Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp, partnering with customers in the APAC region. In her role, she interprets and analyses customer data and survey outcomes to identify the most valuable themes to improve engagement. Pip will share the latest data and insights from Culture Amp with regards to wellbeing, psychosocial hazards, burnout and more. 

Tegan Davies is the General Manager and Head of Wellbeing at The Oranges Toolkit, an award-winning wellbeing training organisation. She'll share insights from data they've gathered and how Oranges Toolkit is working with organisations to meet current and emerging needs. 

Cherie Clonan is CEO at The Digital Picnic. She is proudly autistic and is committed to creating a workplace where the diverse, unique needs of every person is understood and appreciated. Cherie will share what she's doing to build a truly neuroinclusive and neuroaffirming workplace and the impact this is having on the team, their business and the clients they work with.

As always, this will be an interactive event with the intention being on learning from and with each other, with a bias towards action and putting learning into practice. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024
5:30 AM – 7:30 AM UTC


  • Tegan Davies

    Oranges Toolkit

    General Manager and Head of Wellbeing

  • Cherie Clonan

    The Digital Picnic


  • Pip Lyons

    Culture Amp

    Senior People Scientist


  • Michael Ellis

    Conscious Culture Collective

    Chapter Lead

  • Alana Bennett

    Connected Experience

    Chapter Lead

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