Creating a Safe Space Through a ‘Ranting’ Experience

Mexico City

Jun 29, 2023, 10:00 – 11:15 PM

Given the high levels of stress and anxiety we’ve been exposed to for the majority of the last three years, I consider it imperative to create a space of shared vulnerability, safety, and trust with our community.

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About this event

As a psychological safety advocate, I’ve seen firsthand its positive impact on communities and organizations. Psychological safety impacts performance, and engagement, hence growth and innovation. My personal goal as a Culture First Lead is to bring the audience closer by surfacing the issues they are bothered about and showing how similar we are in thinking and emotions.

DESCRIPTION: The participants are invited to rant FOR something (not just against something). Participants will be asked to be constructive, to criticize a specific news/event/decision. The end goal is to make suggestions about some actions—preferably somewhat controversial ones in an entertaining manner that will lead to a good discussion.

STRUCTURE: The session is a 20-minute rant, followed by 20 minutes of discussion. Andra will ask the audience for participation. She will then choose 4 participants to come on stage and rant *FOR* something, not just against something. Each participant will have 5 minutes to describe the issue, explain why it’s important to them, and share an (or more) action item(s) to attempt to solve the problem. After each participant expresses their ‘rant,’ the audience is invited to vote in the chat number one issue (out of the 4) they were impacted mainly by. Andra will invite 3-4 audience members to express why that is the most important event for them. Andra will guide the discussion and invite the audience to lean into kindness, open-mindedness, empathy, and love.

Andra will close by addressing the critical need for shared vulnerability and highlighting that we are more similar than we think.

The experience follows The Safe Space Method™, a transformational learning experience at the intersection of breathwork & mindfulness, human-centered design, and enhanced leadership. The method that helped 200+ founders, business owners, and organizational leaders to find alignment, build from the heart, and scale their teams and businesses was developed by Andra Vaduva, rooted in her MITDesignX degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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  • Andra Vaduva

    Founder, Safe Space & AI and Emotional Wellbeing Expert


  • Andra Vaduva

    The Safe Space Method™ & Hiboo Inc.

    Chapter Lead

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