Urbanist's Guide to Mexico City 2024: Insights on Sustainable Travel and City's Resilient Future

Mexico City

Dec 14, 2023, 10:00 – 11:30 PM

Join urbanist Andrea in exploring Mexico City through her expert lens in 2024. Discover sustainable travel tips and deep insights into the city's resilient urban planning. Andrea shares her perspective on Mexico City's history and future, blending her passion for environmental solutions and urban design. Perfect for travelers seeking a deeper understanding of Mexico City's dynamic urban landscape.

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About this event

Join an engaging dialogue between two experts: Andrea Guzman, an esteemed urbanist with a focus on sustainable city planning, and Andra, a seasoned expert in workplace culture, AI, and emotional wellbeing. This event bridges urbanism with the nuances of cultural, technological, and emotional aspects of city life, set against the vibrant backdrop of Mexico City.

Why Attend?

- Exclusive Access to 'Locals Passport to Mexico City 2024': A unique guide curated by Andra & the Yayem team, offering deep insights into sustainable travel, accommodations, and experiences in Mexico City.

- Vetted Accommodations Focused on Security: Handpicked lodging options that prioritize safety, security, and sustainability, ensuring an authentic and comfortable experience in the city.

- Personalized Networking Opportunities: An opportunity to connect with a diverse group of professionals, urbanism enthusiasts, and locals, fostering valuable exchanges and potential collaborations.

Key Discussion Points:

- Andrea's Urban Philosophy: An exploration of sustainable urban solutions and community engagement in city planning.

- Learning from Mexico City's Challenges: Insights into how Mexico City’s unique challenges can inform global urban planning.

- Cultural Sensitivity in Urban Planning: The impact of cultural emotional connections on urban planning.

- Urban Well-being and Diversity: The integration of resident well-being and diversity in urban design.

- Smart Cities and Sustainability: The role of technology and data in advancing sustainable urbanism.

- Future Trends in Urbanism: A look into emerging trends in urbanism and sustainability.

Andra Vaduva brings a wealth of experience from 15 years of living abroad in six countries, coupled with her professional expertise in workplace culture and emotional wellbeing. Her deep understanding of diverse cultural environments will offer a distinct angle to the discussion, highlighting how aspects of workplace culture, AI, and emotional wellbeing intersect with urbanism. Andra's insights are particularly relevant in the context of Mexico City's dynamic environment, providing a multifaceted view of urban living and planning.


This event promises a multifaceted and enriching experience for anyone interested in urban development, sustainability, and cultural dynamics. With the combined expertise of Andrea and Andra, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of urbanism, not just as a physical concept, but as a complex interplay of social, technological, and emotional factors. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of urban life and network with like-minded individuals in the heart of Mexico City.

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  • Andrea Guzman

    Expert Urbanist, M.A. in Ecosystemic Urbanism

  • Andra Vaduva

    Founder, Safe Space & AI and Emotional Wellbeing Expert


  • Andra Vaduva

    The Safe Space Method™ & Hiboo Inc.

    Chapter Lead

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