Work Less + Earn More With Strategic Goal-Setting


Apr 25, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Breaking through myths and discover your superpowers with Strategic Goal Setting!

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About this event

Join Growth and Marketing Strategist, Frenchie Ferenczi, as she discusses what it means to "stay close to the money" and how to effectively wield this superpower to increase your business impact. During this conversation, Frenchie will take you through common myths that most people fall victim to, you'll discover the 4 superpowers of highly effective leaders, and you'll learn how to use goals in a way that makes you more likely to achieve them. This workshop is designed to be engaging, interactive, and high-touch.

Frenchie is not like a typical consultant or a coach. Instead, she focuses on teaming up like a co-founder to help clients get results. Through one-on-one support and group programs, she gets deep clarity and focuses to see the best path forward.

Over the last decade, Frenchie has helped more than 12,000 small business owners to grow and scale their businesses (all while scaling high-growth startups like The Wing and NeueHouse).

And what she realized from watching and supporting these small businesses grow is that there is a distinctive difference between the businesses that thrived and those that simply survived. While working with them, she discovered that it’s not the number of hours you spend but HOW you spend them that determines your business growth.

The right habits, the right offers, and the right delivery— these are her three keys to unlocking sustainable growth.

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  • Frenchie Ferenczi

    Business Growth Strategist


  • Theresa Fesinstine

    Director, People & Culture

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