Hindsight's 2020: Setting Intentions for 2021

Orange County

Feb 18, 2021, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

Come join the Orange County Chapter as we host a facilitated workshop designed to close out 2020 and collectively pave a path into 2021.

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About this event

At the end of 2020, a group of Culture First leads came together with the intention of building a workshop designed to close out 2020 and set intention for 2021. We walked away with a workshop designed to build connection, provide space for introspection, and set intention for the year ahead.

During this 90 minute facilitated workshop we will:

  • Hear from one another about our 2020 experience
  • Intentionally put aside and let go of what needs to be left behind
  • Explore the impact we want to have in 2021
  • Provide and support one another towards making a positive impact in the year ahead

This workshop was designed to provide introspection, small group discussion, and whole group reflection. Our goal is to build a powerful experience that is both refreshing and action-oriented. We believe 2021 will be a year of change in respect to how we work and we want to ensure that our community is best set up for success as we move forward to create a better world of work. We are excited to bring this workshop to life and we hope you will join us and be part of making a difference in 2021!

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  • Emma King


    Chief Talent Officer

  • Katarina Koonce

    Trinity Property Consultants

    Director of Employee Experience

  • Jessica Liu

    Bolton IMA

    Employee Benefits Broker


  • Jessica Liu


    Vice President, Employee Benefits - Broker

  • Emma King

    Chapter Lead

  • Katarina Koonce

    Trinity Property Consultants

    Employee Experience Director

  • Joy Corpora

    Orangewood Foundation

    Chief People & Culture Officer

  • Patti Traglio

    Gig Talent

    Chapter Lead

  • Paola Nava


    Chapter Lead

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