Pathways to Allyship: Leading with Courage in a Time of Complex Change

Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 PM UTC

It takes courage to lead in a time of complex change and uncertainty. Join us for an interactive 90-minute virtual workshop where we'll explore pathways to allyship and courageous leadership in the workplace.

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About this event

Hey you! 

Are you navigating complex culture change within your organization?

Are you seeking new ideas for cultivating allyship in your organization?

Do you want to enhance your capacity for this work with a group of like-minded individuals?

If so, this is the workshop for you!

We each have a role to play in affirming healthy behaviors that create workplace cultures in which all people are set up to thrive. In this crucial moment of cultural transformation, including the #metoo and #blacklivesmatter movements, many of us are looking for ways to be an effective part of hopeful change. The time for action is now. Starting this journey requires gaining knowledge and confidence, both personally and professionally.

It takes courage to lead during this time but we have your back! 

Join us for a 90-minute interactive virtual workshop where we'll explore pathways to allyship and courageous leadership in the workplace. Our research-based approach is both informational and highly engaging, with an emphasis on building relationships and learning as a community.

Feel free to bring your lunch along as we learn together!

See you there!

About Culture First:

As People Geeks, we share a collective passion for improving our workplaces by putting culture first. However, this task is not easy, and going it alone limits our chances of success. However, if we can organize and harness our collective passion, our chances for success are greatly increased.

With this in mind, Culture Amp is supporting the development and growth of regionally led Culture First chapters. The goal is to empower local People Geek Communities worldwide to connect, learn, and support one another in creating the change that we want to see in the world!

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