Culture First Philly Virtual Brain Trust


Apr 14, 2022, 7:30 – 8:30 PM

Culture First Philly is back in action!

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About this event

During our launch session earlier this year, we gathered insight from our chapter members on the content we want to cover and the community we want to build together. One thing that came through loud and clear is the desire for a safe space to process the dynamic world of work, share outside-the-box ideas, and challenge and learn from each other -- which we know will also require space to build genuine relationships and get to know each other on a human level. 

Our second session will build off of the strong foundation we built and continue deepening our relationships and learning from one another, leveraging the skills and interests that bring each of us to this community. We will start by reflecting back the shared commitments we heard from all of you -- i.e. what do we want this community to look and feel like? -- and create space for dialogue around them. We will then facilitate a "brain trust" activity in which we will ask volunteers from our community to share a challenge* they're currently experiencing that they would like to work through with their fellow CF Philly members.

* We mean "challenge" broadly -- if it's related to your experience at work, it's welcome here! Examples could include something specific like a tricky situation with your manager or someone you manage, or something broader like managing stress/burnout or a cultural problem that you'd like to address or unpack.

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  • Courtney Schneider

    Chapter Lead

  • Cassy Krueger

    Chapter Lead

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