Intro to Diversity and Inclusion (an exclusive learning session with Cicely Blain!)


Sep 23, 2020, 8:30 – 10:30 PM

This workshop will explore inclusive language, unconscious bias and respectful team building. We will learn about the foundations of diversity and inclusion principles, vocabulary and frameworks through interactive, team-building style activities .

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About this event

The learning outcomes include: 

- Understand basic principles of diversity and inclusion, including inclusive language, unconscious bias and respectful communication

- ​Develop skills to identify discrimination and harassment in the workplace

- ​Enhance team relationships through collaborative activities

- ​Identify solutions for workplace inclusion

- ​Understand and analyze privilege and power dynamics

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  • Cicely Blain

    Cicely Blain Consulting

    CEO / Founder


  • Sarah Herold

    Decision Resources, Inc.

    Director, Human Resources


  • Sarah Herold


    Chapter Lead

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