"Re-Gifting" Resource Fest!

San Francisco Bay Area

Jan 19, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

Come leverage the joy of gift exchange among change agents, people geeks and culture champions!

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About this event

After the Holidays, let's meet up for an energetic "Regifting" Roundup.

We've all had the gift of discovering something cool in 2023 - a great book, a cool app, an experiment we tried in our team or org.

Leverage great personal & professional hacks in the areas of Leadership development, Growth, Wellness, Creativity, DEI & Culture.

Come leverage the joy of other people's gifts passed on, plus prizes and giveaways!

"Re-Gifting" Resource Fest
Friday, Jan 19 / 12 - 1pm PST

This will be a lively and interactive session with several Breakout rounds with interest areas to choose from.
Come with a gift (a book, a podcast, a training, a tech hack, an ai shortcut, a cost save, an inspirational quote, or a nugget of wisdom or lesson learned).
And, bring an intention -- something you want or need that you can call out to this resourceful group and -- who knows - you might just get just what you need.

Everyone will leave with energizing connections and gifts from kindred spirits, 

2 Steps to join in:

1) RSVP below on the Culture First Roster
    You'll get the Zoom Link

2) Register Officially for this EVENT -- There are 2 networks joining together 
     This gives you eligibility for Prizes (win a book, an innovative gadget, even a 6 week Coaching opportunity!)


All are welcome -- the more gifting the Merrier. Feel free to share with friends or colleagues.
See you there!

Christy Tonge
SF Bay Area Culture First Chapter Lead

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  • Sarah Gray

    Clipboard Health

    People Ops Onboarding Manager / Chapter Lead

  • Christy Tonge

    Culture Strategist| Exec Coach | Podcast Host - LeadersGetReal.com

    Chapter Lead

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