Imagining a New Workplace: Seattle CultureFirst Kickoff

Tue, Dec 1, 2020, 4:30 PM (PST)

About this event

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We come together to imagine -- as though from the ground up, as though we can achieve anything at all -- what working and the workplace can look like. We come to the end of 2020, ready to set the stage for 2021. We come together in hope, knowing that hope is predicated on collective action. Welcome to CultureFirst, Seattle.

We open this space, our first time together, to build a foundation of our dreams and goals for what the future of work can look like in Seattle. This first event is a discussion based workshop, inspired by unconferences, to introduce us to each other and the Culture First initiative, and then jump into discussing what *you* want the community to think about for building better workplaces over the next year. The ideas, goals, dreams, and actions of this workshop will be our foundation moving into the new year, providing us scaffolding upon which to generate new conversations, new events, and new calls for action.

Join us on Slack, in #seattle-all, prior, during, or after the event! 

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