Fear + Play Workshop - Activating Courage and Aliveness Through Experiential Connection

Wed, Oct 28, 2020, 10:00 AM (AEDT)

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Volatility has quickly become the new normal. We are all being asked to innovate more quickly and creatively than ever before in order to stay relevant and connected in an ever changing environment. It’s no surprise this uncertainty brings up various levels of fear, which we often ignore or avoid altogether which doesn't help us get where we want.

Instead, how might we work with fear in order to manage change with resilience?

How might we hone our agility, spontaneity and storytelling skills in relationship with fear?

We do it by tapping in to our ability to play.

Join Guryan Tighe and Shannon Hughes along with facilitator Craig Forman for an interactive gathering that explores change management in today’s business through the combined impact of Fear + Play.


It all started on a walk in San Francisco. Guryan and Shannon got to talking about life, career and a shared vision of impacting the world through their work. Turned out Guryan, a self-professed Fear Technician and Founder of FOURAGE and Shannon, an experiential facilitator specializing in the power of play, were more aligned than they ever thought possible.

Might there be a way to inspire next-level leadership through connection to fear and courage?

Could they help people nurture their EQ through the resonance of play?

Yes they could.

And they call it Fear + Play


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