How remote work is making people feel (and what to do about it)


Jun 3, 2021, 7:30 – 9:00 PM

Come hear the findings of a recent research survey to understand the impact of remote work on inclusion and connection. Bev Attfield of Jostle and Dr. Aaron Barth of Dialectic will share the most compelling aspects of the findings and talk through key actions to improve the human experience of remote work.

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About this event

Jostle and Dialectic recently completed a research study to understand the impact of remote work on individuals. Specifically, they investigated how included and connected people feel while working remotely. The survey attracted responses from over 400 employees who had transitioned to remote work without changing employers.

With the study results in hand, we’re now equipped with information about where employees are struggling, how leaders and organizations are adapting, and what needs to be done to improve remote work so that everyone feels included and connected.

With over 80% of survey respondents feeling disconnected from their workplace culture, socially isolated, and experiencing communication challenges, it’s clear that the human aspects of remote work need attention.

In this session, Bev Attfield of Jostle and Dr. Aaron Barth of Dialectic will share six key findings they found most compelling in the study. Turning data into action, Bev and Aaron will also offer suggestions for how we might use these findings to create more human-centric organizations that prioritize connected employees and supportive workplace cultures, regardless of where people are located.

A free copy of the survey findings report is available here:

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  • Bev Attfield


    Principal of Workplace Science

  • Dr. Aaron Barth


    Founder and President


  • Kirsten Anderson

    Integrate Play Solutions

    Founder, Keynote Speaker, Fun Facilitator

  • Tom Ireland

    Reimagine Work

    Chapter Lead

  • Alicia Cheng-Collette


    Chapter Lead

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