Conversations that Matter: Creating a Thinking Environment®

Women of Colour APAC

Jul 25, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 AM

Discover how to support yourself and others to think more clearly and creatively, to participate fully, share openly, and develop common purpose. Come and have a play with simple yet transformational practices to cultivate an inclusive thinking environment that inspires innovation, participation and better-decision-making.

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About this event

The Women of Colour APAC chapter invites you to join us virtually as we elevate and share the wisdom of a woman in our WOC chapter community ‘Candice Smith’.

Candice resides on Wurrendjeri country and is the founder and director of The Thinking Field.

She will share practices to foster inclusivity, create a sense of belonging, and generate better decisions. In this 90-minute learning session, we will explore how to have more productive meetings, build an inclusive practice, and ensure all voices are heard.

If you identify as a Woman of Colour (WOC), join us virtually as we explore an essential leadership practice, drawing on the work of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment®

This is a camera ON situation, to support our engagement and connection with one another.

Women of Colour APAC intention:

Celebrate all that we are wholeheartedly and connect with other individuals (who identify as a woman of colour) who want to make the 'work world' a better place.

Additional Info:

The Thinking Environment, used around the world for more than 30 years, is a proven set of listening and questioning techniques that generates the finest quality independent thinking in one-on-one and group interactions.

“Equality keeps the talkative people from silencing the quiet ones. And it requires the quiet ones to contribute their own thinking. The result is high quality ideas and decisions.” Nancy Kline

Candice Smith will share her discoveries from twenty years of co-creating thinking environments around the world as Time To Think Faculty and a Woman of Colour who grew up in Apartheid South Africa.

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  • Candice Smith

    The Thinking Field


  • Hardeep Dhanoa

    Chapter Lead

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