Uncovering The Narratives and Beliefs That Hold Us Back

Wed, Mar 1, 1:00 AM (UTC)

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About this event

We are delighted to kick off our first workshop in the ‘Women of Colour APAC 2023’ series. Let’s get personal as we unpack our own personal limiting beliefs.

If you identify as a '''Woman of Colour''', come along for the ride and bring your awesome self, an open heart and some juicy curiosity. This interactive session will be facilitated by Zech Dahms, who will create a safe environment for us to explore collectively and guarantees a large pinch of fun.

Women of Colour APAC intention:

Celebrate all that we are wholeheartedly and connect with other individuals (who identify as a 'Woman of Colour') who want to make the ‘work world’ a better place.

Event Info:

What are the cultural narratives that shape your views and where did they come from?

How does this narrative affect how you and your people behave, operate, and communicate with each other?

The stories and narratives that we tell ourselves have power over how our organizations operate.

We unconsciously do things a certain way simply because, at some point in our lives, someone or some experience made us think it is the only way to do it – even when these narratives are negative! These narratives are what hold your culture back from changing and evolving. They are the boundaries that keep us and our organizations from expanding into the next stage of growth. They are the stories our people tell themselves over and over that keep us collectively from reaching our full potential.

The key thing is to uncover these unspoken assumptions and beliefs so you can start to energize and define a more positive set of assumptions going forward.

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  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Co-Founder & Culture Architect


  • Hardeep Dhanoa

    Chapter Lead