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The Culture First Community:

At Culture First we are a global community of like-minded people united in our belief that a better world of work is possible. Our purpose is to come together with our peers, ideate, share our experiences and come up with solutions to improve our world by improving the way we work.

The Dubai Culture First Chapter:

The Dubai Chapter welcomes all those culture geeks based in Dubai, UAE or the Middle East, and even those interested in joining our conversations on improving our organizational culture, improving ourselves and our leadership to co-create better workplaces of the future!

Join us and stay updated on the Chapter's activities and upcoming events!

You'll know this is the group for you if the below community quotes resonate for you:

"Culture transformation is hard and can be lonely, but there are others doing this work and it's beneficial to work together."
"It's helpful to get resources and the capability to brainstorm with like-minded people looking to improve the future of work."
"Many of us are practitioners building better workplaces and I am grateful to experience effective workplaces environments in practice like this to know what we are trying to create more of."

Our 5 core principles for how we do things around here:

  1. Foster belonging and acceptance - We create environments where diverse opinions, orientations, and perspectives are embraced and valued. We cultivate people’s wholeness and humanity.
  2. Be willing to reflect and grow - We take an honest look at the things that can be improved in our workplaces and in our own leadership. We want to challenge and support one another to develop ourselves and our organizations.
  3. Have the courage to be vulnerable - Vulnerability is at the heart of courage. We create safe environments for people to explore deeper levels of vulnerability. Changing the way we work is hard and takes vulnerability.
  4. Putting learning into action - Our goal is to create change in the world. For this to happen, we need to act on what we’re learning together about how to build better workplaces and cultures.
  5. Connection inside, business outside - This is not just another networking group or a place to push business cards. We realize and expect, that connections and business opportunities will come from this community. However, the goal of our community events is to foster human connection, learning, and action – not transactional business opportunities. Let’s let this happen outside of our organized interactions.

**If this sounds like a group for you, click on the link "join chapter" to be notified of future gatherings. Otherwise, reach out to one of our chapter lead organizers and we'll be in touch. Cheers to co-creating a better world of work!

**If you think this is a group for you, click on the button "Join" to be notified of this chapter's future gatherings. Otherwise, reach out to one of our chapter lead organizers and we'll be in touch. Cheers to co-creating a better world of work!


Chapter Lead

Hannah Siddiqui

Chapter Lead
Kaleidoscope DEI Consulting

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