Culture First Works - General Track: Recruiter Insights & Peer Collaboration

Culture First Works

Apr 11, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Are you a professional in career transition? Join Culture First Works for our newest bi-monthly(ish) gathering - an opportunity to learn from recruiters and to collaborate with peers on landing your next great purpose-driven role!

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About this event

Are you a professional in career transition, and ready to embark on your next purpose-driven career adventure in a culture-first organization? Look no further!

Welcome to Culture First Works' newest series: Recruiter Insights. This is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of the hiring landscape and to connecting with peers that can support you in this journey.

Join us for this bi-monthly(ish) session on April 11th, 2024 with Strategic Recruiting Leader, Lamona Rajah. This 45-60 minute workshop offers a unique opportunity for culture-first enthusiasts to connect with recruiters, learn from their wisdom, and explore career opportunities that align with your values.

In this series, we'll spend our time together in two ways: 

  • Recruiter Insights: our guest share their perspectives, strategies, and insider tips on navigating the world of talent. Discover what recruiters are looking for, how to stand out as a candidate, and gain a deeper understanding of the hiring process specific to executive recruiting.
  • Peer Collaboration: attendees will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share what they're seeking in career change and the challenges they're facing. Who knows - someone in the group just might have a tip or even a lead for your next career move! 

We're excited to host you for this new series, so RSVP today to reserve your spot

-Zech & Jes, CF Works Co-Leads

PS - Looking for our sessions dedicated to executive-level professionals? Check out our upcoming events and look for "Executive Leadership Track." 

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  • Jessica Liu


    Employee Benefits Broker

  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Culture Architect

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