Culture First Works Kickoff Workshop

Culture First Works
Thu, Jun 24, 12:00 PM (PDT)

Join the Culture First Works community for our kickoff event - a fireside chat with career coach Kyle Elliott (Caffeinated Kyle). We'll discuss the most common career & culture questions, and provide tactical takeaways that you can implement in your career journey right away.

About this event

Finding and transitioning to a new role is an exciting undertaking with a bright horizon of opportunity! It can also be a journey filled with anxiety, confusion, frustration and loneliness. Where are all these amazing opportunities hiding and how do you get in the door? Once you're at the table, how do you really know if the company is really who they say they are?

The Culture First Works community kickoff event on June 24th is designed to help answer the most common career & culture questions. In this 75-minute workshop, you'll gain insight and learn tactical takeaways from Caffeinated Kyle, career and life coach with experience that includes Silicon Valley and high tech. You'll also have the opportunity to connect in small groups and work through how culture factors into your own career journey. 

Whether you're looking for inspiration, connection, advice, or just a fun way to spend your time, join us! This is going to be a conversation you don't want to miss!

About Culture First Works:

Culture First is a global community with a shared belief that a better world of work is possible. The Culture First Works chapter was built to support culture first enthusiasts on their journey to finding their next great purpose-driven role.

Furthering the mission of creating a better world of work means we need purpose-driven leaders in impactful roles across the globe. With the incredible amount of people in transition at any given time, the Culture First Works chapter aims to support and empower these talented individuals on their career journey. Our community is built around monthly educational workshops and group connection sessions that specifically focus on helping one another to prepare for, find, and transition into their next great culture first adventure - whether that be via promotion, a more culture first organization, or a transition to self-employment.

We know a Culture First approach works, so let’s do this together!


  • Kyle Elliott

    Kyle Elliott

    Career Coach

    Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES is the career and life coach behind His goal is simple — to help people find jobs they LOVE. Kyle's expertise is Silicon Valley and high tech. He is an official member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council as well as a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance. Kyle loves coffee (if you couldn’t tell), writing, and eating the same thing at different...

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    Zech Dahms

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