Culture First Works - Workshop: Sustain Yourself & Your Search with Mental Fitness

Culture First Works
Tue, Nov 16, 12:00 PM (PST)

The job search can be stressful and mentally draining, but did you know you can actually train your mind and flex your muscles for less stress? Join the Culture First Works chapter and Claire Becker, Transition Coach, to learn how you can strengthen your mental fitness and sustain a job search that serves you!

About this event

Imagine you want to climb a picturesque mountain but you're not physically fit. If you want to avoid major physical stress as you climb (exhaustion, difficulty breathing, altitude sickness), you begin training to enjoy the climb and improve your performance. 

Now let's say this picturesque mountain is a metaphor for your job search, increased confidence and ultimate job offer. If you want to limit mental stress during your search (imposter syndrome, anxiety, frustration or unhappiness), then strengthening your mental fitness is key to enjoying your journey and realizing your career advancement. 

With strong mental fitness, you can flex three core muscles essential to the job search: 

  • Diminish the voices in your own mind holding you back.
  • Amplify how you empathize, empower yourself and others, and navigate stress.
  • Choose how you want to respond to even the most challenging situations to lead, influence, and advocate in a way that serves you. 

Join the Culture First Works chapter and Claire Becker, Transition Coach, to learn about how you can strengthen your mental fitness and sustain a job search that serves you! 

**To make the most out of this workshop, please take the free Saboteur Assessment prior to the event at:

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, November 16th from 12:00 - 1:30 PDT! 

About Culture First Works:

Culture First is a global community with a shared belief that a better world of work is possible. The Culture First Works chapter was built to support culture first enthusiasts on their journey to finding their next great purpose-driven role.

Furthering the mission of creating a better world of work means we need purpose-driven leaders in impactful roles across the globe. With the incredible amount of people in transition at any given time, the Culture First Works chapter aims to support and empower these talented individuals on their career journey. Our community is built around monthly educational workshops and group connection sessions that specifically focus on helping one another to prepare for, find, and transition into their next great culture first adventure - whether that be via promotion, a more culture first organization, or a transition to self-employment.

We know a Culture First approach works, so let’s do this together!


  • Claire Becker, MA, ACC

    Claire Becker, MA, ACC

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    Transition Coach

    So many people long for dramatic change in their lives but don't know where to start. Through coaching, team development, and speaking, Claire supports leaders to build awareness and make transitions on their terms so they an get on to loving what's next. Claire draws experience from leadership roles in education, non-profit, and healthcare settings. Claire is an Associate Certified Coach ...

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