Culture First Works - Workshop: Thriving Through Anything: Navigating Stressful Times With Ease

Culture First Works

Aug 24, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

The last few years have been challenging for many. How do you navigate challenges—with ease, or fighting your way through? Join Culture First Works and Julie Stiles for a masterclass on how build the skill for thriving through all challenges, big and small.

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About this event

The last few years have been challenging for many. How do you navigate challenges—with ease, or fighting your way through? Being able to thrive through challenges is a learnable skill. This masterclass will help you explore how you respond in difficult times, develop the six pathways to thriving, and learn a mental fitness approach to daily living so you can increase your resilience and more easily address all challenges, big and small.

We can't wait to see you for this 60-minute workshop on Thursday, August 24th at 12:00 PT / 3:00 ET.

-Jes & Zech

About Culture First Works:

Culture First is a global community with a shared belief that a better world of work is possible. The Culture First Works chapter was built to support culture first enthusiasts on their journey to finding their next great purpose-driven role.

Furthering the mission of creating a better world of work means we need purpose-driven leaders in impactful roles across the globe. With the incredible amount of people in transition at any given time, the Culture First Works chapter aims to support and empower these talented individuals on their career journey. Our community is built around monthly educational workshops and group connection sessions that specifically focus on helping one another to prepare for, find, and transition into their next great culture first adventure - whether that be via promotion, a more culture first organization, or a transition to self-employment.

We know a Culture First approach works, so let’s do this together!

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  • Julie Stiles

    Health, Life & Transformation Coach


  • Jessica Liu


    Employee Benefits Broker

  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Culture Architect

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