Putting Our Learnings into Action and Cultivating Connection


Nov 9, 2023, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

The Culture Amp Geek-Up Dubai in October and the Culture First Global in November results in a fantastic in-flow of information, ideas and perspectives on what the future of work looks like! Let's meet up to re-connect and re-capture this exhilarating and overwhelming experience with the Dubai Community! This event is open for both in-person (Dubai) and online participants.

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About this event

Culture Amp is hosting a free Geek-up in Dubai on 26th October and a free virtual conference, Culture First Global on 2nd November.

Whether you plan to attend the virtual event or the in-person Geek-up, let's meet up as a community to unpack our learnings, share implemented strategies, and keep the momentum going! 

Leading the Conversation will be the fantastic Jessie Jacob, Senior Community Manager Culture Amp, (who will join us virtually) to discuss: 

  • What we heard
  • What we learnt and 
  • What we plan on doing with all of it! 

Let's gather and share our thoughts and ideas on how to 'Put Our Learning Into Action,' one of our community's principles, and to collectively draw up a roadmap towards improving ourselves, our leaders and our workplaces! 

Whether you got a chance to attend the Geek-Up and the CF Global or not JOIN US for the follow-up conversation to re-cap the sessions and ideate over putting it all into action within our work and workplaces!

Links to register for these events:

Culture Amp's Dubai Geek-up
Culture First Global Virtual Conference

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  • Hannah Siddiqui

    Kaleidoscope DEI Consulting

    Chapter Lead

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