Workshop - Improving Workplace Performance and Interactions Through A Trauma Sensitive Approach


May 3, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Career and Life Coach Natalia Bayurova uses trauma sensitive mindfulness to help us connect with our inner-self and impact how we "show up" in the world. In this workshop she will share practical techniques on how to navigate workplace interactions, manage work related stress and ultimately improve work performance.

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About this event

This Workshop on trauma awareness will help us navigate our inner landscape so that we can show up more fully in the outer landscape.

The workshop will facilitate participants to explore their post-traumatic conditioning and the impact it has on the way we show up in the world in all of our roles in life; as leaders, as partners, as mentors, as friends.

Creating awareness of the invisible emotional strings that are pulling us in a certain direction, gives us the freedom to choose how to act and respond in particular situations. Equipping ourselves with tools to better navigate our work and workplaces builds stronger communities, ensures positive engagement, reduces work stress and prevents burnout.

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  • Natalia Bayurova

    Award-Winning Trauma Informed Facilitator for Sustainability and Regeneration


  • Hannah Siddiqui

    Kaleidoscope DEI Consulting

    Chapter Lead

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