Are you ready to talk about mental health at work?

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Mar 12, 2021, 12:00 – 12:50 AM

With Damon Klotz, Workplace Culture Evangelist, CultureAmp, Dr Kim Hazendonk, Andrew Williams and Olivia Molly Rogers.

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About this event

An evolved and safe workplace is one where team members are open to expressing how they’re feeling, without fear or judgement.

Did you know that In Australia in 2020, mental health concerns were the most common reason for lower productivity, affecting 3 in 5 workers?*

Join Damon Klotz, Workplace Culture Evangelist, CultureAmp as he chats with Dr Kim Hazendonk, Andrew Williams and Olivia Molly Rogers at 11am (AEDT) Friday 12 March as we explore normalising mental health in the workplace. Listen to our expert facilitator and panellists as they explore the impacts of changing work, how to have safe conversation with team members, and how you can leverage gratitude practice to build stronger relationships and a more connected culture.

* SuperFriend. 2020. "Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey."

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  • Dr Kim Hazendonk

    Principal of Positive Brain

    BBSc (Psych), Grad Dip Health Psych, DPsych (Neuro)

  • Andrew Williams

    Agility Consulting Group

    Founder and Managing Director

  • Olivia Molly Rogers

    The United Project



  • Damon Klotz

    Culture Amp

    Work Culture Evangelist


  • Jessie Jacob

    Senior Community Manager, Culture Amp

  • DeMario Bell

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

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