Beyond Culture First Global 2024: Putting Our Learnings into Action and Cultivating Connection

Global Chapter

May 29, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Join us to reflect on key takeaways from the virtual conference and share your applied learnings. This is open to anyone whether you attend the conference or not. Register for Culture First Global Virtual (May 14th/15th) to access all the session recordings.

About this event

Culture First Global, Culture Amp's virtual conference is back on May 14th for the Americas, Europe & Middle East / May 15th for Asia Pacific. At this free virtual conference, we're discussing how to build a culture that sustains high performance and drives business success, how to navigate the rise of AI at work and how to empower leaders to drive impact through embedding leadership habits into their everyday work.

Whether you attended the conference or not, this one hour meeting is designed for folks to share their key takeaways from the conference, share implemented strategies, and keep the momentum going! 🌱 

🎯 Why You Should Attend:

1️⃣ Reflection & Action: Share how the gems you picked up from Culture First Global have been put into action in your work.

2️⃣ Learn from Your Peers: Not just for those who attended the virtual conference. Come and learn what others are implementing to create better workplaces.

3️⃣ Community Connection: Engage with your fellow community members to forge bonds and amplify our collective impact.

🎈 Who's Invited?

Our community is open to anyone committed to creating a better world of work. Whether you attended Culture First Global (or not) or you are a Culture Amp customer (or not), your insights and willingness to take action is what we're all about!

🎟️ Register for Culture First Global

We highly recommend you register for Culture First Global so you can access all the session recordings in case you miss them. 

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  • Sonja Montague MacKay

    The More Human Company


  • Hannah Siddiqui


    Managing Principal

  • Austin Drabik

    Conjuring Culture


  • Natalia Bayurova

  • Paula Aragon


    Compensation and Benefits Specialist

  • Ramita Atiq

    Berlin Chapter Lead

  • Mike Kohn

    Boston Chapter Co-Lead

  • Tameka Allen


    Founder & Chief People & Culture Consultant


  • Jessie Jacob

    Senior Community Manager, Culture Amp

  • DeMario Bell

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

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