Power Hygiene: Understanding Our Leverage & Responsibility at Work

Tue, Apr 4, 3:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

Power hygiene is the exploration of how to care for ourselves as leaders to be responsible and effective conductors of generative power, as well as how we become aware of the ways that we each uniquely cause harm. Heart-centered leaders and leaders who care about humanity at work can be deeply conflicted about power, so power hygiene begins with cleaning up our murky misunderstandings of what power even is, the common ways we unconsciously block ourselves and others, and the energetic consequences that reveal in our wellbeing, mental health, and organizational effectiveness.

This event is an invitation to explore how each of us can expand our understanding of our unique power constellation at work, so we can each be a more vibrant expression of flow, creativity, and connective possibility in our teams and organizations. Using multi-modal learning, we’ll dive into a framework about the 30 most common types of power at work, engage our somatic awareness, learn immediately actionable practices, discuss, and reflect together. There will also be a giveaway during the event for free enrollment in a program to learn more about your relationship with power.  

The reason we chose this for an  upcoming global event is because our wellbeing is more important now than ever. We’ve made the wellbeing of our organizations, family and friends a priority. Now it’s time to put ourselves as people people first, so that we can keep showing up for the people who need us. Culture Amp has created an HR well-being checkup forHR professionals. Check in on your wellbeing and fill out the assessment by clicking here.  

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  • Larissa Conte


    Founder & Lead Guide


  • Deb Mavric

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

  • Jessie Jacob (she/her)

    Culture Amp

    Senior Community Engagement Manager

  • DeMario Bell

    Culture Amp

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