Rethinking Trust at Work with Rachel Botsman: A podcast listeners club

Wed, Feb 1, 10:00 PM (UTC)

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About this event

Ever listen to a podcast episode and wish you could just geek out on it with like-minded individuals? Well, now is your chance! This is the official podcast listeners club for the Culture First community! Similar to a book club, we want to create a space for community members to come together and dive into the concepts of a specific podcast episode. On top of that, you'll get to meet the podcast host, Damon Klotz!

For this session, we'll be discussing a Culture First Podcast episode titled "Rethinking Trust at Work with Rachel Botsman." In this episode, Damon sits down with Rachel Botsman, a leading expert and author on trust in the modern world, to discuss the positive impact of trust in the workplace.

You'll hear Rachel and Damon discuss:

  • How Rachel navigated the changes to her professional life without being on physical stages with audiences.
  • The process Rachel uses before she creates a new keynote speech.
  • The definition Rachel uses for trust: “Trust is a confident relationship with the unknown.”
  • The relationship between trust, humility and ego.
  • The rise of employee activism and why employees want to know just what their organization stands for, but also what a company stands against.
  • Analyzing the role that vulnerability has on trust when building new relationships.
  • Four phrases we need to rethink in the workplace

This experience will be an interactive 90-minute zoom session with engaging exercises. Before joining this podcast club, make sure you listen to the episode and come ready to discuss your learnings. Here is the link to listen. 

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