What are Culture First Chapters?

Global Chapter
Wed, Oct 13, 2021, 2:30 PM (BST)

About this event

Join our Culture First Community team to dive into why we are building these chapters, the impact we are looking to have and how you can get involved to help build a community of people who believe a better world of work is possible and willing to do something about it.

Our chapters bring together diverse individuals and skilled thought leaders from around the globe. Together we share experiences and learn from each other. Ready to join the conversation? 


  • Culture Craig (he/him)

    Culture Craig (he/him)

    Culture First

    Lead People Scientist / Community Engagement at Culture Amp

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  • Sonja Montague MacKay

    Sonja Montague MacKay

    The More Human Company


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  • Ramita Atiq

    Ramita Atiq

    Berlin Chapter Lead

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  • Deb Mavric

    Deb Mavric

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

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  • Jessie Jacob (she/her)

    Jessie Jacob (she/her)

    Culture Amp

    Senior Community Engagement Manager

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  • DeMario Bell

    DeMario Bell

    Culture Amp

    Chapter Lead

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