Empathetic Leadership 💕


Mar 10, 2023, 1:30 – 3:00 PM

A 90-minute interactive session designed to explore empathic leadership.

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Recap & takeaways from this event:

We think empathetic leadership is the end all be all, but it is compassionate leadership that claims the crown! 

Empathy is about feeling what the other person feels, which ultimately, is about ourselves. We get so caught up in mirroring the other persons emotion, that it can distort our judgement, encourage biases and cause us to make wrong decisions. Totally opposite of what we think of when it comes to empathy.

Conversely, compassion is empathy but taken a step further. It's about the other person, understanding their experience AND having a willingness to act, to support (not just staying in the emotion).

So, how do we shift from empathetic to compassionate leadership?

1.) Take a mental and emotional step away (in doing so, we are able to separate from the problem/emotion so we can actually solve it)

2.) Ask what the person needs (this will vary; some want advice, some want support, and some just want a lending ear)

3.) Remember the power of non-action (in asking question #2, you'll find out that the majority of the time, people just need someone to listen)

4.) Coach the person so they can find their own solution (leadership is not about solving problems, but rather developing and growing people so they can find their own answers)

5.) Practice self-care (leading with compassion is emotional labor, so it's important to be taking care of ourselves as leaders first; that means eating well, sleeping well, exercising, meditating and getting grounded...if we're not centered, neither will be our work! Don't dismiss how we show up as leaders, aka: our leadership shadow, and the impact it has on our people and culture!)

Choose love > fear

We looked at the following articles:

🔗 Connect with Empathy, But Lead with Compassion

🔗 Shift from Empathy to Compassion

And reflected up on the following questions:

❤️ Why do we call it empathetic vs. compassionate leadership?

🧠 Compassion and Empathy: Are they the same?

❤️ What does it mean to be an empathetic leader?

🧠 How does neuroscience inform our understanding of empathetic leadership?

❤️ What is your experience(s) of working with an empathetic leader? What does it feel like/sound like?

🧠 In your experience, how has a non-empathetic leader impacted culture?

Love, the Madison CF Team:

- Sarah & Jen ✨

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Friday, March 10, 2023
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM UTC


Guided Meditation
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  • Sarah Giencke

    Culture First

    Chapter Lead

  • Jennifer Anderson


    Senior Advisor


  • Sarah Giencke

    Riset Resiliency

    Chapter Lead

  • Jennifer Anderson


    Chapter Lead

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