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Welcome to the Culture First Madison Chapter!

Our purpose is to improve our world by improving the way we work.

What does it mean to be Culture First?

For organizations to grow and thrive, the world of work has to work better for People. Being ‘Culture First’ is about recognizing this simple truth – and then finding ways to act on it. It’s easier said than done, but we’ve found something that helps tremendously – working through issues as a community.

Our 5 core principles for how we do things around here: ✨

👉🏻 Foster belonging and acceptance - We create environments where diverse opinions, orientations, and perspectives are embraced and valued. We cultivate people’s wholeness and humanity.

👉🏼 Be willing to reflect and grow - We take an honest look at the things that can be improved in our workplaces and in our own leadership. We want to challenge and support one another to develop ourselves and our organizations.

👉🏽 Have the courage to be vulnerable - Vulnerability is at the heart of courage. We create safe environments for people to explore deeper levels of vulnerability. Changing the way we work is hard and takes vulnerability.

👉🏾 Putting learning into action - Our goal is to create change in the world. For this to happen, we need to act on what we’re learning together about how to build better workplaces and cultures.

👉🏿 Connection inside, business outside - This is not just another networking group or a place to push business cards. We realize and expect, that connections and business opportunities will come from this community. However, the goal of our community events is to foster human connection, learning, and action – not transactional business opportunities. Let’s let this happen outside of our organized interactions.

**If you think this is a group for you, click on the button "Join" to be notified of this chapter's future gatherings. Otherwise, reach out to one of our chapter lead organizers and we'll be in touch. Cheers to co-creating a better world of work!


Chapter Lead

Sarah Giencke

Chapter Lead
Riset Resiliency

Chapter Lead

Jennifer Anderson

Chapter Lead

Upcoming events

12 jun 2024

Virtual Event

Building Better Boundaries

A playful, virtual workshop involving LEGO bricks!

29 ago 2024

In-person event

2024 CultureCon After Party

Join the Madison Culture First Chapter for a post CultureCon celebration!

24 oct 2024

In-person event

💜 Culture First Gives Back 💜

Join the Madison Chapter as we volunteer and give back to our community, kicking off the holiday season!

Past events

Virtual Event

Maximizing your LinkedIn Presence

In-person event

Improv for Personal Growth & Development

In-person event

The Impact of AI on Culture

Virtual Event

Beyond Biases: Crafting Meaningful Workplace Relationships: Make Believe Works Global Chapter Event

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