The Impact of AI on Culture


Mar 21, 12:30 – 2:15 PM

Join the Madison Culture First chapter over a cup of tea or coffee & a pastry to discuss AI + Culture!

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About this event

The integration of AI in business has revolutionized organizational culture, fostering a paradigm shift in how work is conducted. By automating routine tasks, AI liberates employees from mundane activities, enabling them to focus on higher-value, creative endeavors. This shift cultivates a culture of innovation and collaboration as teams harness AI tools to solve complex problems and explore new opportunities. However, AI also prompts concerns about job displacement and ethical considerations, influencing the way businesses approach workforce management and corporate responsibility. Ultimately, the impact of AI on humans and organizational culture in business underscores the need for continuous adaptation, learning, and ethical reflection.

During our time together, we asked: 
How can we plan for this shift now and ensure a human-centered culture for the future?

Why did we host a conversation about AI at a yoga center? Because the more we rely on AI, the more we need the human touch ✋🏽

Here’s a few takeaways from our amazing talk with Suzanne Sherry:

✅ The 3 types of AI

- Artificial Narrow Intelligence (like Siri)
- Artificial General Intelligence
- Artificial Super Intelligence (think RTD2)

✅ The positives and negatives/risks of AI

✅ The importance of human intervention/governance over AI (policies & regulations)

✅ The speed in which AI will replace tasks, roles, etc. before the workforce is re-skilled

✅ The technical advancement of AI surpassing our current level of moral & ethical policies

✅ That AI is only as good as the data we’re putting into it

✅ The importance of training those interacting with AI on a daily basis

(And so much more!)

The TL;DR?

1.) We must check our mindset around AI; it’s not going away and we need to be open to it (just as we had to do with the invention of the internet).

2.) Governance, governance, governance! We cannot let AI run rogue - we must be diligent about how, when and why we use AI in our workplaces!

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Thursday, March 21, 2024
12:30 PM – 2:15 PM UTC


Coffee & Connection
AI & Culture Discussion


  • Suzanne Sherry




  • Sarah Giencke

    Riset Resiliency

    Chapter Lead

  • Jennifer Anderson


    Chapter Lead

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