Culture Champion Series - Living Our Values


Jun 25, 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 PM

Do you know what culture is for and how you can change it? But what needs to change? And how can we play a role?

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About this event

Do you know what culture is for and how you can change it?

There are others like us, people who are frustrated, scared, and curious. People who are looking for ways to create inclusive communities. People who are looking for others like them, and the ones who are not.

In the same way, there are others like us who have been oppressed, persecuted, and shunned. People who are trying to create a meaningful contribution, but are held back by segregation and prejudice. People who lose their lives for no other reason than the way they look. People who are sick of tired of being sick and tired.

People like us, the curious, the hurt, the change makers, the ones ready to make a difference know that humanity is in a time of major transformation. Within ourselves, our homes, our work, and our communities there is an energy for positive change.

But what needs to change? And how can we play a role?

Join others like you at Milwaukee’s Culture First event.

There, you’ll get to openly discuss the purpose of culture, what it means to you, what’s keeping you from being who you are, and how you can be a champion.

Few things to be ready to discuss:

- What are core values that you personally live by?

- What actions are you taking to reinforce those values?

- What's preventing you?

- How can we support each other to live our values?

We can't wait to hear all your amazing voices, and dive deeper into the culture in Milwaukee! 

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Thursday, June 25, 2020
10:00 PM – 11:30 PM UTC


Welcoming & Arrival
Breakout Rooms
Event Concludes - What do we do from here?


  • Sara Vondrachek

    Career Consultant | Facilitator | Workforce Equity Champion

    Chapter Lead

  • Corrie Schroeder

    Chapter Lead

  • Michelle Spehr

    Chapter Co-Lead

    Workshop Facilitator | Workplace Wellbeing

  • Maggie Dauss

    Fork Farms

    Community Manager & Co-founder, The Commons

  • Joe Poeschl

    MKE Tech Hub

    Program Director

  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Chapter Founder

  • Shalini Nag

    EvidaSolve LLC


  • Andi Sciacca


    Founder + Executive Director

  • Connie Cudnohowski

    Sense of Wonder LLC

    Mindful Leadership Educator

  • Nathan Sheets

    Children's Wisconsin

    Leadership Development Manager

  • Aaron Rindt


    Culture Activist

  • Melinda Pogue

    Northwestern Mutual

    Learning & Development Sr. Specialist

  • Kristin Strunk

    Culture Activist

  • Amanda Panciera

    Urban Ecology Center

    Chapter team

  • Angela Steinkamp

    Chapter team

  • Courtney Omernick

    Concordia University Wisconsin

    Production Coordinator

  • Trav Walkowski


    Partner & Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Rebecca Gasper

    Chapter team

  • Paula Rauenbuehler

    Leading UP, llc

    CEO, Leadership Development Coach

  • Matt Ley

    Flip the Script Coaching & Consulting

    Chapter team

  • Sarah Marshall


    Chapter team

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