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This is a space where everyone is welcome. 

We are a Culture First chapter committed to designing sustainable change, embarking on a journey of continuous learning and unlearning through actively listening to the stories and experiences of others. 

Moving towards our north star of a better world of work for everyone, we will come together monthly as a discussion group to discuss themes around belonging, equity, inclusion and diversity. 

This work doesn't just change lives, it saves lives. However it is usually quite slow and can be a lot to carry emotionally. 

Show up as you are on the day, there is no judgement and no requirements other than an open mind and an open heart. 

**If you think this is a group for you, click on the button "Join" to be notified of this chapter's future gatherings. Otherwise, reach out to one of our chapter lead organizers and we'll be in touch. Cheers to co-creating a better world of work!


Chapter Lead

Chloe (CSJ) Sesta Jacobs (she/her)

Global Director, Inclusion & Engagement

Past events

Virtual Event

Pathways to Allyship

Virtual Event

Building Inclusive, Cross Cultural Teams

Virtual Event

Building Empathy Through Storytelling

Virtual Event

Sharing and Co-Creating DEIB Practices

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