Cultivating Culture: Holding Space for Purposeful Dialogue

Wed, Nov 4, 2020, 4:30 PM (CST)

About this event

Now more than ever, it is critical that we hold conversations that invoke possibilities and provide sacred space for us to collectively move forward. Whether you are with your family, in a community or on your work teams, your ability as an influencer to hold space for dialogue is essential to becoming a culture champion.

Sadly, holding space for such conversations is vanishing, along with the art of deep listening and authentic expression. To be a cultural leader in today’s world, we need to be able hold space even when conflict may be present.

At the end of the session, participants will…

- Apply tools and best practices to create and hold space for profound and progressive conversations

- Understand the various elements, attributes and nuances of “holding space”

- Describe what it means / look like to personally “hold space” for others

Culture First MKE invites you to join us for an engaging session that leverages best practice sharing and personal reflection to help you hold space for you and others and lean into the critical conversations that will collectively move our culture forward.  



  • Sara Vondrachek

    Sara Vondrachek

    People Experience | Engagement | Culture Advocate

    Chapter Lead

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  • Michelle Spehr

    Michelle Spehr

    Chapter Co-Lead

    Workshop Facilitator | Workplace Wellbeing

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  • Joe Poeschl

    Joe Poeschl

    The Commons

    Program Director

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  • Maggie Dauss

    Maggie Dauss

    Greater Milwaukee Committee

    Community Manager & Co-founder, The Commons

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  • Zech Dahms

    Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Chapter Founder

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  • Shalini Nag

    Shalini Nag

    EvidaSolve LLC


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  • Andi Sciacca

    Andi Sciacca


    Founder + Executive Director

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  • Connie Cudnohowski

    Connie Cudnohowski

    Sense of Wonder LLC

    Mindful Leadership Educator

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  • Nathan Sheets

    Nathan Sheets

    Children's Wisconsin

    Leadership Development Manager

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  • Aaron Rindt

    Aaron Rindt


    Culture Activist

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  • Melinda Pogue

    Melinda Pogue

    Northwestern Mutual

    Learning & Development Sr. Specialist

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  • Kristin Strunk

    Kristin Strunk

    Culture Activist

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  • Amanda Panciera

    Amanda Panciera

    Urban Ecology Center

    Chapter team

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  • Angela Steinkamp

    Angela Steinkamp

    Chapter team

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  • Courtney Omernick

    Courtney Omernick

    Concordia University Wisconsin

    Production Coordinator

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  • Trav Walkowski

    Trav Walkowski

    Activeloop | Employmetrics

    Partner & Chief Human Resources Officer

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  • Rebecca Gasper

    Rebecca Gasper

    Chapter team

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  • Paula Rauenbuehler

    Paula Rauenbuehler

    Leading UP, llc

    CEO, Leadership Development Coach

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  • Matt Ley

    Matt Ley

    Chapter team

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  • Sarah Marshall

    Sarah Marshall


    Chapter team

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