Practicing Active and Deep Listening w/ Zech Dahms


Mar 30, 2023, 9:00 – 10:00 PM

Join us for an interactive workshop on active and deep listening.

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About this event

Listening is at the source of all great leadership, all professional domains of mastery, deeper relationships, and life in general.

We often learn so much about how to communicate but we never really spend time learning how to listen. We typically pretend to listen, and while that is happening, we are thinking of our next response or something else to reaffirm our position.

The problem gets worse when we zoom out to the organizational level. Mixed messages can be sent about speaking up. Organizations will say they want to hear from you but when you do, they turn a blind eye or nothing happens.

Luckily, active and deep listening is a skill that can be learned.

This workshop is designed to help us raise awareness of how we listen and are in dialogue with ourselves and others and how we can practice that on an ongoing level. Deep listening is one of the most difficult skills and also one that allows for deep transformation - individually and collectively.

Join us in this session where you will not only walk away with your own worksheet on this topic, but we will also participate in some practices to flex your listening muscle.

What will this workshop include?

  • An understanding of what makes someone a good listener
  • The science behind listening
  • What it feels like to not listen
  • What it feels like to listen

Our hope is by participating in this training as a collective, we can help ourselves grow deeper relationships with ourselves and each other, achieve harmony in our interpersonal relationships, and develop a strong sense of well-being in life and the workplace. Collectively, we can use this as an opportunity to continue building a thriving culture, a better place to work, and the ability to further live out our shared purpose.

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  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Co-Founder & Culture Architect


  • Sara Vondrachek

    Sara Vondrachek

    Chapter Lead

  • Michelle Spehr

    | Culture First Milwaukee Chapter


  • Joe Poeschl

    The Commons

    Program Director & Co-Founder

  • Maggie Dauss

    The Commons / Greater Milwaukee Committee

    Community Manager


  • Sara Vondrachek

    Career Consultant | Facilitator | Workforce Equity Champion

    Chapter Lead

  • Corrie Schroeder

    Chapter Lead

  • Michelle Spehr

    Chapter Co-Lead

    Workshop Facilitator | Workplace Wellbeing

  • Maggie Dauss

    Fork Farms

    Community Manager & Co-founder, The Commons

  • Joe Poeschl

    MKE Tech Hub

    Program Director

  • Zech Dahms

    Perennial Culture

    Chapter Founder

  • Shalini Nag

    EvidaSolve LLC


  • Andi Sciacca


    Founder + Executive Director

  • Connie Cudnohowski

    Sense of Wonder LLC

    Mindful Leadership Educator

  • Nathan Sheets

    Children's Wisconsin

    Leadership Development Manager

  • Aaron Rindt


    Culture Activist

  • Melinda Pogue

    Northwestern Mutual

    Learning & Development Sr. Specialist

  • Kristin Strunk

    Culture Activist

  • Amanda Panciera

    Urban Ecology Center

    Chapter team

  • Angela Steinkamp

    Chapter team

  • Courtney Omernick

    Concordia University Wisconsin

    Production Coordinator

  • Trav Walkowski


    Partner & Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Rebecca Gasper

    Chapter team

  • Paula Rauenbuehler

    Leading UP, llc

    CEO, Leadership Development Coach

  • Matt Ley

    Flip the Script Coaching & Consulting

    Chapter team